Sound Decoders

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ESU Loudspeakers

Loudspeakers selected for use with ESU LokSound XL decoders.
From £8.95

Massoth eMotion S PluG Module

Sound module for use with eMotion XL II PluG decoder.
£85.00 £63.75

Massoth eMotion S Sound Decoder

Small stand-alone sound module with SUSI interface and 3 Watt output. Programmable to all Massoth sounds available.

Massoth Loudspeakers

Suitable for use with eMotion S, LS & XLS decoders.
From £8.00

Massoth eMotion XLSC Sound Decoder

Massoth's next generation sound decoder.

Massoth eMotion XLS Sound Decoder

Since its introduction the eMOTION XLS is the favorite G-Scale Sounddecoder to go for. 18 solid screw terminals make the XLS a universal companion. Components like clock, reed switches, loudspeaker, Power Buffer, SUSI, etc. are just plugged-in after the decoder has been installed. A total motor current of 3.5 amps fits almost any 2-motor locomotive. It offers digital an analog operation. All sounds projects are available with its own item number as a factory default including the required loudspeaker.

Massoth eMotion XLS Onboard Sound Decoder

The LGB Onboard Decoder has proven itself a thousand times since the turn of the millennium. But development has not stopped at this level. Especially Garden Railroaders regret that many functions of Massoth decoders are not available on LGB Onboard Decoders. The brand new XLS-Onboard Sounddecoders fill this gap. All connectors of a LGB Onboard Locomotive can be plugged in the XLS-Onboard Decoder straight away. No soldering, no screwing. Just replace the Onboard Decoder and Soundmodule with this single XLS-Onboard Sounddecoder. This is easily possible even for inexperienced laymen. After that your LGB locomotive will have a state-of-the-art sound decoder.