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Massoth Round Digital Pulsed Smoke Generator

Pulsed smoke generator smoke generator for round boiler Steam locos.
Manufacturer: Massoth
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SKU: me8415001
Manufacturer part number: 8415001

The newly developed pulsed Smoke Generator for round boiler locos has clear advantages:

  • Fully Integrated Decoder
  • Update function with track
  • Integrated option for cylinder steam function
  • CV Programming
  • POM Programming
  • Direct track connection
  • Fully Protected against overheating and running dry
  • Period of operation up to 10min per filling depending on operation
  • Parallel function triggering

    The pulsed Smoke Generator can be easily retrofitted:
    This smoke generator may be retrofitted in most of the steam locomotives on the market.
    The thrilling effect will give you steam output synchronously generated for piston movement.
    With simultaneous smoke from the chimney and cylinders integrated together.

At just 0.8 Ampere power consumption it generates a remarkable amount of smoke .
The heating capacity has been optimized for better performance.
The Fan and air duct now give even stronger bursts of steam.

The special feature of this pulsed smoke unit:
The new custom round design of this pulsed smoke unit can be installed even in a Stainz.
The clock to synchronize the pulsed smoke unit can be taken both by a clock as well as by a eMOTION decoder ( driving decoder or sound decoder ).
Settings via CV for many extras, such as speeds of the fan in different locomotive types, preheating heater and time delay .

This pulsed smoke unit is to be used only in the operation of a model steam locomotive!

*** Special Introductuary price - until Septemder 9th ***