Massoth PCB and Decoder Bracket

The plastic decoder brackets ensure safe and convenient installation of PC boards, decoders and lighting boards with a width of 25mm.
Manufacturer: Massoth
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SKU: me8104010
Manufacturer part number: 8104010

Nowadays most of the components in a digital layout require the installation of decoders for the control of special functions. Improper installation of electronic components is often the cause of damage and or malfunctions.

Massoth decoder brackets ensure a safe and convenient installation of PC boards and decoders into locomotives and rolling stock. The brackets also fit LGB© Decoders 55020, 55021, 550440 and the Massoth Lighting Boards. Not usable with eMOTION XL and XLS decoders.

Pack of 10.

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The little brother of eMOTION XLS sound decoder is suited to fit significantly smaller locomotives. The function range corresponds to the XLS. Only the motor current is optimized for a single motor locomotive and the number of function connections is minimally reduced due to the size. Besides that the LS Sound Decoder has identical connectors such as clock, reed swiches, Power Buffers, loudspeaker or volume control. The easy to use sockets of the function connectors can directly operate two automatic uncouplers. The standard LGB motor cables are already fitted to the Decoder.