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Massoth eMotion S Sound Decoder

Small stand-alone sound module with SUSI interface and 3 Watt output. Programmable to all Massoth sounds available.
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A brief description of the loco/sound.  Will be used to ensure that the sound selected is correct.

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Universally applicable sound decoder for analog and digital operation; equipped with a SUSI interface and a 3 Watt output stage.

The tiny sound decoder. The eMOTION S sound decoder has the same sound features as the XLS sound decoder.


All sound features are available at the lowest voltages possible. A stabilized analog operation is guaranteed at 5Volts.

NMRA DCC and LGB® MTS      

The eMOTION S supports the full NMRA protocol. The eMOTION S features an automatic detection of LGB® MTS signals  which makes this sound decoder ideal for all generations of the LGB® MTS system.  The bus interface may be used with Massoth/LGB® OnBoard or SUSI protocol.  Fits into all G-Scale locomotives like Bachmann, USA-Trains, Aristocraft, Accucraft, KISS       

AUTHENTIC SOUND in digital quality

The eMOTION S sound decoder produces authentic locomotive sounds in digital high-level quality.  Massoth uses only sound recordings of original locomotives adjusted to the sound decoder's technology.  The eMOTION S may hold more than 2 minutes of sound. This enormous capacity is sufficient for a variety of additional high-quality sounds.  The sound decoder features a 3-Watt high-performance output stage. The volumes of all 16 sounds may be adjusted separately.

Massoth utilizes top-of-the-shelve technology paired with state-of-the-art processing ensuring reprogramming via the programming track.  This guarantees that all decoders may be updated at any given time as well as for all new decoder generations to come.

Speaker not included.

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