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Massoth eMotion 8FS Servo Decoder

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Decoder designed to operate servos.
Manufacturer: Massoth
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The decoder requiernents grow permanently as garden railroaders like to have their locomolives to be equipped wih all kinds oi interesting features. When it comes to rnovernent functions a servo is absolutely necessary.  For the fist time Massoth introduces the brand new eMOTl0N 8FS servo decoder offering direct operaaton for up to 8 servos.  More than that: The required fixed vellage regulater is fully integrated.  Another brand new feature is the separate programming address offering a programming possibility while the decoder is installed in the locomotive with anolher sound or driving decoder listening to the same address.

Most important technical specifications:

  • NMRA/DCC and analog operation
  • supplying voltage 6-24V DC / DCC
  • maximum total current 800mAmps
  • 8 logic connectors (5V, 10mA)
  • 1 Buffer-Control (for power buffers)
  • regulated voltage 6V I 500mA
  • address range 1 - 10239
  • 1027 adressable functions
  • prepared for bi-directional communication
  • integrated programming feedback
  • connection with two single wires
  • 8 x 3-pin Ssockets for connection of:
    • 4 x servos (direct)
    • 4 x special feature functions

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