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Massoth eMOTION 10FX Function decoder

The proven and versatile 8FS Servo Decoder has been revised with slightly larger dimensions (25x25mm), and especially enhanced performance data with no change in price. With a full 2-amps functions output current, it can handle three times the load of the previous model; it can control up to 4 servos, 2 uncouplers and 2 standard function outputs. A new buffer is also integrated to enhance the smooth operation of servos and uncouplers. With this performance data no wish is unfulfilled.
Manufacturer: Massoth
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SKU: me8152601
Manufacturer part number: 8152601

With 10 function outputs the eMOTION 10FX will replace the previous function decoders (8152001 eMOTION 8FL and 8156501 eMOTION 8FS). With a total current of 2 amps and a fully integrated servo power supply, the 10FX offers an excellent basis for all conceivable digitizations: up to four servos (including two precision servos), two amplified outputs with three-pole MiniCT socket for e.g. decouplers, etc. and four amplified standard function outputs. A voltage buffer is already integrated to buffer the servo switching peaks. A separate buffer connection option is also provided. Delivery is planned for spring 2020.

Note: Cheap servos work with an analog voltage as reference value for the position. The disadvantage, each start of a connected consumer leads to a short drop of the supply voltage. This in turn means that other servos may move due to the fluctuating reference voltage. You should therefore select your servos (preferably digital servos) according to their intended use.