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Massoth eMotion 8FL Function Decoder

Smallsized 8-channel function decoder to control light and other loads. Two RC servo controls are implemented.
Manufacturer: Massoth
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SKU: me8152001
Manufacturer part number: 8152001

The eMOTION 8 FL Function Decoder features 8 function channels with max 0.6 AMPS each with a total load capacity of 1 AMP.      The prominent feature is the option to control two servos either with the dial knob or with defined positions.       In addition standard functions are channel on/off, short term function with programmable turn-off time, and various light effects.      The eMOTION 8 FL Function Decoder is very small in size; 14mmx28mm with a thickness of only 6mm. This small size allows for easy     installation in locomotives, cars, and buildings. The decoder also comes with a custom made connector, which fits     the digital interface in LGB® Car numbers:30520 RhB Gourmino and LGB® 31520 RhB Passenger Car. These cars are ready for,      and perfect for retrofitting with the eMOTION 8 FL Function Decoder: Four channels are used by these cars while four      additional channels are still available for other functions. (Programming is achieved by all common CV programming      features, as well as POM.) After removing the connector you may connect the function decoder to other components      that do not have an LGB® interface connection.
A detailed wiring diagram is provided in the package.
Summary of the 8FL Decoder Properties

  • Size: 14mm x 28mm (length x width) and barely 6mm tall
  • 8 Function outlets (programmable)
  • Digital Operation (NMRA/DCC) and Analog Operation
  • 14/28/128 Speed Steps
  • Function Mapping for F1 to F16
  • Dimmable Function Outlets F1 to F4 and F7 + F8
  • Parallel and Serial Data Processing (Auto-Detection, selectable)
  • Hook up with an 8-core Interface Cable (F1 to F4) and 6 soldering pads (F5 to F8)
  • Overload Protection for all Functions
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