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Massoth DiMAX Multi Receiver

Operate your DiMAX Navigator with central stations of other manufacturers by using the DiMAX Multi Receiver. The DiMAX Multi Receiver supports bus systems of LocoNet© and XpressNet. You may operate the DiMAX Navigator with cental stations of Digitrax©, Uhlenbrock©, Piko©, Fleischmann©, Lenz© and Roco©.
Manufacturer: Massoth

The DiMAX Multi Receiver enables you to operate the DiMAX Navigator with DCC systems which utilize the XpressNet® or LocoNet® bus protocol. The DiMAX Multi Receiver facilitates the operation of a maximum of 4 Navigators at the same time. The receiver is connected to the XpressNet® and the LocoNet® via 2 plugs. The additional Massoth plug may be used for cable operation or for charging the batteries of the Navigator. Charging power is provided by the digital bus. A range of approximately 300 ft facilitates a safe operation at all times. 4 frequencies are available to ensure an operation without interferences by other devices. An activity LED reports the current operating status of the receiver at all times. The DiMAX Multi Receiver is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. You may update your receiver to the latest firmware at all times.

Picture of Massoth DiMAX  Receiver for XpressNet and LocoNet
Massoth DiMAX Receiver for XpressNet and LocoNet
The DiMAX R/C Receiver for XpressNet and LocoNet offers the possibility to operate the DiMAX Navigator with digital operated layouts that run with XpressNet and LocoNet systems. Up to four Navigators may connect to one single receiver. With two seperate bus connections the receiver may connect either to a XpressNet or LocoNet operated central station. The radio range of up to 50m allows barrier free operation. State-of-the-art technology allows software upgradebility to extend products features in the near future.
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