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Massoth DiMAX 1210Z Central Station

Compact 12 Amp Digital Central Station, NMRA compatible for external power supply
Manufacturer: Massoth
SKU: me8136501
Manufacturer part number: 8136501

DiMAX 1210Z


The DiMAX 1210Z Digital Central Station is a favorable alternative since it is built on the same technical properties as the DiMAX 1200Z. Up to 12 Amps driving current without an integrated transformer allows using the 1210Z for all scales from Z to G. Input Voltage: 16 to 24 Volts DC. The current output can be adjusted to 4, 7, or 12 Amps. This option is desirable for smaller scales.

The 1210Z features a voltage limitation of 22 V which is the optimum for garden layouts which often suffer of voltage drops. This should not be a problem for decoders that are in compliance with the NMRA standard. This standard requires decoders to be able to handle voltages up to 27 V. Decoders of Massoth® and LGB® are tested for max 30V to be able to guarantee a stable and consistent operation.

A separate programming track outlet, booster connection and a user friendly PC Programming interface are integrated as well. The 1210Z provides a connector for LGB® or DiMAX boosters on the back of the unit. Other NMRA compatible boosters may be used.

Properties of the 1210Z:

  • Up to 12 Amps track current
  • Adjustable max track current: 4 Amps, 7 Amps, or 12 Amps ;according to the needs of the layout
  • Adjustable and stabilized output voltage from 14 - 22V
  • External power supply with max. 24 Volts DC (Gauge N to G)
  • Output current at 14-22 V :  max. 12 Amps (only for G-Scale recommended)
  • Easy to read display with blue background lighting
  • Selectable parallel or serial data processing (may be defined individually for each locomotive)
  • Thermal overload control / automatic overheat protection
  • Temperature controlled fan
  • Automatic short circuit protection (cut off time adjustable)
  • Additional program track outlet ( 2 Amps max.)
  • Operation control light
  • Activity control light
  • Booster control light
  • STOP control light (supports MTS blinking emergency stop light)
  • Push button with STOP function
  • Easy to use menu control by 3 push buttons
  • 3 connectors for peripheral units
  • 1 booster connector for DiMAX and LGB® boosters
  • 2 Amp control bus for 31 input devices or control units
  • Selectable control bus protocol: DiMAX Massoth® or LGB® MTS II
  • Operational control by DiMAX Navigator or LGB® MTS components ( Loco Remote, Universal Remote, etc..)
  • PC Interface (USB) for firmware updates of all DiMAX bus components (central station, Navigator, etc.)
  • Free firmware update downloads
  • Massoth® track protocol 100% compatible to NMRA DCC Standard
  • Top quality aluminum housing
  • Explicit operation manual, available as PDF download too
Dimensions: 170 x 100 x 245 mm