Massoth Decoder Serviceboard

Decoder Service Board for easy testing and programming your decoders.
Manufacturer: Massoth
Availability: Temporary Out of Stock.
SKU: me8176001
Manufacturer part number: 8176001

You have more than just one or two digital locomotives?
You like to program your decoders to your preferences?
You are member in a G Scale club?
You are selling G Scale products and strive to offer the best service to your customers?
This brand new Decoder Serviceboard is one of the most important tools to operate with.
For the first time this new testing board with all important interfaces for any G-Scale Decoder.
It allows programming and testing of almost any available G-Scale Decoders on the market. Besides that the board offers a wide variety of connections for accessories such as loudspeaker, Uncouplers, Servos and SUSI-bus as well as screw terminals for power supplies and motor.
A LGB motor block and a PowerBuffer can be connected directly.
Clock Simulation or Hall Sensor and Reed Switch connection and connection for a volume control complete this exclusive Serviceboard.
This is as easy as it gets to test Decoders and update with them with the PC Module (8175101), the Massoth Service Tool and the FastUpdate-Feature within a few minutes.

Supported Interfaces:

  • LGB Directdecoder / eMOT. L
  • LGB DCC (10pin)
  • 8FL / LGB Function decoder
  • XLS / XL / XXL
  • XLS-P
  • XLS-M1 / Märklin-1 (28pin)
  • PluG
  • NEM 652
  • Universal

Dimensions: 120 x 100 x 15 mm

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