Massoth Automatic Uncoupler

Automatic uncoupler for your locos.
Manufacturer: Massoth
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Manufacturer part number: 8414002
  • made of fibreglass plastics for maximum stability
  • compatible with LGB® standard coupler
  • compatible with every standard digital Decoder
  • Power supply 16-22 Volt, at max. 200mA


For years many Garden Railroaders have been looking for an automatic Uncoupler that can replace the standard coupler with ease.  This Automatic Uncoupler has much in common with the LGB® DUO Uncoupler Locomotive from 1993 and a major advantage: size! This Uncoupler fits easily in many G-Scale locomotives from LGB® and other manufacturers.


The decoupler consists of a drive and a mechanical unit, The drive unit consists of a miniature motor and integrated control electronics. Using the small motor, the coupling hook is moved down slowly. Simultaneously the lower part of the coupler bracket is pushed forward. Thus, even symmetric coupler is disconnected easily using a single drive. The automatic uncoupler is made of injection molded black fiberglass offering maximum stability and durability.


The connection of the uncoupler is about 30cm long cable to a standard digital decoder using decoder+, decoder- and the output function.  The unit requires 16 - 22V with maximum 200mA direct rectifier voltage (Dec+ / Dec-). Full conversion instructions are available soon on the Massoth forum.

Supplied in Pairs.



LGB Locos   Piko Locos  Trainline 45 Locos

The following lists of suitable locomotives is not exhaustive.  Acuracy cannot be guaranteed. 

Key: D - Direct mount, M - Easy Modifications required, X - Significant Modifications required

LGB Locomotives
Model NoDescriptionFrontRear
28000Rugen Steam LocoMD
20130, 20140Industrial Field LocoXX
20150Steam LocoXX
20170Western Steam LocoXX
20180, 20190Mogul Steam LocoXX
20210Stainz Steam LocoXM
20230US Steam LocoD
20250Forney, ColumbusD
20260HF110C Nicki/Frank S Steam LocoMX
20270RhB G 3/4 Heidi Steam LocoMD
20300Breitenau Electric LocoMM
20320Maintenance LocoMX
20350Histroic Gernam Street CarXX
20390RhB ABe 4/4 32 Rail CarMM
20400RhB ABe 6/6 I CrocodileXX
20410RhB Tm 2/2 25 TractorXX
20420RhB Ge 4/4 III Electric LocoMM
20430RhB Ge 4/4 II Electric LocoMM
20440RhB Ge 2/4 Electric LocoXX
20450RhB Ge 2/4 Rack Electric LocoXX
20460FO HGe 2/4 Rack Electric LocoDX
20470HG 3/3 Rack Steam LocoDD
20490AMD 103 Genesis Phase IIIXX
20500Steam TramXD
20510DB V51 Diesel LocoDD
20520OBB 2091 Diesel LocoMM
20550, 20560Alco DL 535E Diesel LocoMM
20570F7A Diesel LocoXX
20580F7B Diesel LocoXX
20590HF130 Diesel LocoXX
20600Schoma Diesel LocoMX
20620Industrial Diesel SwitcherDD
20630Diesel SwitcherDD
20650Rail CarDD
20670Track Cleaning LocoMM
20760DR 99 5001 Steam LocoDX
20780,20790Corpet Louvet Steam LocoMD
20800HSB 99 6001 Steam LocoMM
20810HSB 99 7222 Steam LocoMM
20840Saxonian IV K Steam LocoXX
20850DR Mallet Steam LocoMD
20870Mikado Steam LocoXD
20880Unitah Steam LocoXX
20890Sumpter Valley Steam LocoXX
20930Kof / Ko Diesel LocoMM
20940V200 Diesel LocoXX
20950OBB 2095 Diesel LocoDD
20960OBB 2096 Diesel LocoDD
20970Cargo SprinterXX
20980Saxonian IK Steam LocoMM
20990Saxonian IIK Steam LocoMM

Piko Locomotives
Model NoDescriptionFrontRear
37200BR80 Steam LocoMD
37300VT98 Rail CarXX
37410,37420BR 182 Taurus Electric LocoDD
37430BR 194 Crocodile Electric LocoDD
37500BR 218 Diesel LocoDD
37520V60 Diesel LocoDD
37540BR 199 HarzkamelMM
38210Mogul US Steam LocoD

Trainline 45 Locomotives
Model NoDescriptionFrontRear
2021000V3 Diesel LocoXD
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