Gear 38 teeth. straight

Straight cut gear with 38 teeth.
Manufacturer: Champex-Linden
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SKU: CL30351
Manufacturer part number: CL30351

These gears fit all Mogul locos (2018D, 2019D, 23192 etc.), the RhB locomotives type Ge 2/4 (LGB 2044, 2045, 21450, 22450, 23450 etc .) and the US Alco diesel locomotives (20550, 20560, 22562, etc.).

Use with the LGB® E129997 (62204) / CL22204 motor (with long shaft).

The gears are straight teeth and have 38 teeth.

Ideal for DIY and of course for repair purposes.

Matching reduction gears can be found under item numbers CL30339 and CL30349.

Official LGB® number 2018/48.

Bag of 2 pieces.