Tam Valley Depot DRS1 Hi Power Receiver

Dead Rail System Hi Power receiver.
Manufacturer: Tam Valley Depot
Availability: Temporary Out of Stock.
Manufacturer part number: DRH186

Receives the wireless DCC signal and creates DCC on-board from a battery to replicate the DCC signal to an existing DCC locomotive decoder. Works with all DCC decoders including sound decoders. Replaces the wires from the wheels. The antenna can be repositioned by bending to any shape that does not touch itself.  It can put out 3 Amps continuous and 5 Amps in bursts.  It can take higher voltages, up to 28 volts.

Dimensions: 2.7" long by 1.2" wide x 0.47" high
Battery Voltage (Vbat): 7 to 28 V
Input Reverse Polarity Protected
Voltage Drop (Vdrop): 0.5V (low current) to 1.0V (high current)
Output: DCC (assuming DCC is being transmitted)
Outut Voltage: Vpeak-to-peak equal to Vbattery minus Vdrop
Current Max: ~3A continuous (depends on amount of ventilation) and 5.4A max for brief periods
Radio Frequency: 869MHz
Max Range: 300 feet in ideal conditions with best antenna placement and no obstacles
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