Discontinued Items

Items that hve been discontinued and are available with limited supply either in stock or from the factory.

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Massoth 19v Bulb with Socket (2)

19V bulb with socket and cable.

Massoth BR194 / BR254 / E94 detail parts

Detail parts for the Piko 3743x BR194 / BR254 / E94.

Massoth BR64 detail parts

Detail parts for the Piko 3721x BR64 steam loco.

Massoth DC Motor Control

DC-Motor control for LGB® DCC interface.
€21.34 €16.00

Massoth E 10 detail parts

Detail parts for the LGB 2075x E10 loco.

Massoth eMotion 6v Fixed Voltage Regulator

Smoothed 6 Volts controller for the operation of RC servos, smoke generators and lighting units.

Massoth eMotion 8FS Servo Decoder

Decoder designed to operate servos.
€43.27 €32.45

Massoth Switching Coupler Model Parts

Switching Coupler Model Parts.