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Massoth Wireless Conversion Set 2.4GHz

New 2.4GHz receiver and a transmitter for one Navigator.

Massoth DiMAX Receiver for XpressNet and LocoNet

The DiMAX R/C Receiver for XpressNet and LocoNet offers the possibility to operate the DiMAX Navigator with digital operated layouts that run with XpressNet and LocoNet systems. Up to four Navigators may connect to one single receiver. With two seperate bus connections the receiver may connect either to a XpressNet or LocoNet operated central station. The radio range of up to 50m allows barrier free operation. State-of-the-art technology allows software upgradebility to extend products features in the near future.

Massoth DiMAX Receiver 2.4 GHz

The new DiMAX radio receiver with its 2.4GHz is international and can be used worldwide.

Massoth DiMAX Transmitter 2.4 GHz

Convert your existing Navigators to 2.4 GHz radio control.

Massoth DiMAX Receiver II

DiMAX Receiver II for DiMAX and MTS III

Massoth DiMAX Navigator Transmitter EU - extended range

DiMAX R/C transmitter with extended radio range (up to 100m) to retrofit in the Navigator. Requires drilling a hole in the housing.

Massoth DiMAX Navigator Transmitter EU

Standard R/C transmitter for the DiMAX System to retrofit in any DiMAX Navigator. (Range up to 50m)

Massoth DiMAX Feedback Transmitter

Feedback transmitter for retrofitting in a DiMAX feedback module for cable-free feedback from the system.