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ESU Decoder Tester

You want your decoder before installation testing? Then the Decoder-Tester is ideal for you: This test adapter knows all interface types and is easy to use.
Temporary Out of Stock.

ESU LokProgrammer

The LokProgrammer is the ideal tool for programming of ESU decoders. You can easily change all decoders settings via mouse click. Of course you can use it to transfer the sound files to LokSound decoder or perform firmware updates.

Massoth Decoder Serviceboard

Decoder Service Board for easy testing and programming your decoders.
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Massoth DiMAX Adapter

You may connect multiple digital bus components to your DiMAX or MTS II system by using the DiMAX Adapter.
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Massoth DiMAX PC Module

The PC Module enables you to update your MTS III Central Station and all DiMAX bus components without using a DiMAX Central Station
Temporary Out of Stock.

Massoth DiMAX Transducer

The DiMAX Transducer converts MTS II control bus signals into the DiMAX protocol.
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