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Massoth Electronics GmbH

Massoth Electronics has set the standard for quality sound systems. First with analog sound systems and more recently with digital sound systems. The growing demand for more sophisticated DCC systems in recent years afforded us the ability to become the leading supplier for DCC systems. Changes and market challenges finally allowed us to develop and offer you directly more sophisticated and diverse items in DCC and other aspects of the growing Large Scale Train Hobby. Items like rail clamps, lighting boards, reverse loop modules, digital boosters, roller stands, and a rail bender unlike any other in that it bends both rails at the same time with both rails in the tie strips.

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Massoth Cylinder Steam Module

Additional module for the pulsed smoker.
3 in stock

Massoth DC Motor Control

DC-Motor control for LGB® DCC interface.
Temporary Out of Stock.

Massoth Decoder Serviceboard

Decoder Service Board for easy testing and programming your decoders.
1 in stock

Massoth DiMAX 1202B Booster

2x6A or 1x12A DCC Booster with adjustable voltage output (12-22v).
1 in stock
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