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Picture of Massoth LED Lighting Board

Massoth LED Lighting Board

LED equipped electronic lighting board, available with an integrated 8 channel digital decoder or analog (without decoder). Voltage stabilisation is integrated. The board is coated with a white reflecting surface to provide a maximum of light output.
Manufacturer: Massoth

The MASSOTH analog lighting unit has been a hit with our customers since it was launched onto the market  several years ago. The white coating of the circuit board delivers optimum lighting effects in every car.  Massoth Electronics' answer to requests for a lighting unit with integrated digital decoder is the  NEW LED Lighting Electronic: it is equipped with energy saving LEDs, white coated circuit board, and  8 function outputs. You may choose between several light source simulations, e.g. regular bulbs, gas lights,  fluorescent tubes, energy saving bulbs, and others with this new unit.

The decoder features 8 function outputs,  which may be used for the LEDs or other purposes. (Programming is achieved by all common CV programming features,  as well as POM.)

A second version of the LED Lighting Unit is offered without the integrated decoder.  This unit can be used analog or may be connected to a function output of a digital lighting unit.  The latter is the setup for cars that need two lighting units.


Analog version of the LED lighting board.

SKU: me8123001
Manufacturer part number: 8123001
Availability: 2 in stock
Old price: £17.25
Price: £15.00

This version of te LED lighting board contains an integrated DCC decoder.

SKU: me8122001
Manufacturer part number: 8122001
Availability: Temporary Out of Stock.
Old price: £26.00
Price: £22.00
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