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Picture of Massoth DiMAX Receiver II

Massoth DiMAX Receiver II

DiMAX Receiver II for DiMAX and MTS III
Manufacturer: Massoth

The DiMAX Receiver enables you to operate the DiMAX Navigator with a DiMAX central station or a LGB MTS III central station. The DiMAX Receiver facilitates the operation of a maximum of 8 Navigators at the same time. A range of approximately 300 ft facilitates a safe operation at all times. 4 frequencies are available to ensure an operation without interferences by other devices. An activity LED reports the current operating status of the receiver at all times. The DiMAX Multi Receiver is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology. You may update your receiver to the latest firmware at all times. The data transfer during updating is accomplished between the central station and your PC.

The receiver now supports analog throttle R/C operation via Navigator (requires LGB 51070 and PIKO 35002).
Navigator firmware 1.9 required for analog operation.

EU band

Dimax receiver for EU

SKU: me8133101
Manufacturer part number: 8133001
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