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Massoth DiMAX Navigator Transmitter

Retro fit transmitter for wired DiMAX Navigators.
Manufacturer: Massoth

Easy instal transmitter to make your teatheredMassoth Navigator work wirelessly.  Bi-directional data.  Required the Massoth DiMAX receiver or the Massoth DiMAXMulti Receiver.

When installed, the Navigator can still work in teathered mode.

Picture of EU band
EU band
300ft unobstructed range.
SKU: me8133501
Manufacturer part number: 8133501
Availability: 1 in stock
Picture of EU band - extended range
EU band - extended range

Higher powered EU version

600+ft unobstructed range.
SKU: me8133301
Manufacturer part number: 8133301
Availability: Temporary Out of Stock.
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