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Picture of Massoth Analogue Shuttle

Massoth Analogue Shuttle

Analogue shuttle unit.
Manufacturer: Massoth

Massoth reintroduces the automatic shuttle foranalog operation. It is exclusively designed for simple and easy analog operation offering one single potentiometer to adjust the pause time at the station. It just requires an analog throttle and some simple wiring to operate.

(most important technical specifications)

  • for analog operation only
  • supplying voltage 10-24V AC / DC
  • maximum output current 3.5 amps
  • shuttle pause time 5 seconds - 4 minutes
  • 2 x control inputs for sensor tracks 
  • c-clamps for wiring 
  • 4 mounting holes for LGB bumper




SKU: me8431001
Manufacturer part number: 8431001
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