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Picture of ESU Decoder Tester

ESU Decoder Tester

You want your decoder before installation testing? Then the Decoder-Tester is ideal for you: This test adapter knows all interface types and is easy to use.
Manufacturer: ESU

The decoder tester works with any DCC system and is designed for testing any decoder before installation into a loco. The tester is simply connected to the programming output of your digital system or the LokProgrammer.





To make this as simple as possible for you, the Decoder Tester comes with useful features:


There are 6-wire NEM 651, 8-wire NEM 652 , 21-pin mtc and Plux 22-interfaces available.  For those decoders having just wire, these can be connected with croc clips.


Having connected the decoder, a high quality, 5 pole skewed armature can motor with flywheel serves to check the motor output. It’s this simple to test the slow-, and constant speed characteristics of your decoder. An LED-monitor informs you about the function of the front and rear light outputs as well as function outputs AUX 1 (green), and AUX 2 (violet). A 20 mm loud speaker is included for testing LokSound-Decoders.  You have a choice of 3 safe connections between your Decoder Tester and DCC system or LokProgrammer.  Due to its sensible features and simple handling, the Decoder Tester will soon become an indispensable helper.

SKU: esu51900
Manufacturer part number: 51900
Availability: Temporary Out of Stock.