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Massoth eMotion Relay Board

Multi-Purpose Relay Board (8A)
1 in stock

Massoth eMotion Volume Control

Manual volume control of eMOTION XLS, LS & S Sounddecoders.
Temporary Out of Stock.

Massoth Loudspeakers

Suitable for use with eMotion S, LS & XLS decoders.
From €9.00

Massoth Motor Connection Cable

Motor Cable (2 pieces) 400mm
1 in stock

Massoth PCB and Decoder Bracket

The plastic decoder brackets ensure safe and convenient installation of PC boards, decoders and lighting boards with a width of 25mm.
3 in stock

Massoth SUSI - LGB Onboard Cable

SUSI connector to LGB Onboard decoder cable 200mm
5 in stock

Massoth SUSI connector cable

4 wire SUSI connector cable 200mm
1 in stock

Massoth Train Destination Display

The new programmable Train-Destination-Display is the perfect addition for your passenger coaches and railcars.
Temporary Out of Stock.

Massoth Automatic Uncoupler

Automatic uncoupler for your locos.
Temporary Out of Stock.

Massoth MiniCT Cable

2, 3 & 4 way connectors for Massoth eMotion decoders.
From €2.81
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