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Massoth eMotion LGB® Interface Cable (6-pole)

6pin interface cable as required by some LGB® locomotives.
4 in stock

Massoth LGB® Onboard to SUSI Adaptor board

LGB® Onboard connector to 3way SUSI splitter board.
3 in stock

Massoth MiniCT to SUSI Adaptor Board

MiniCT to 3 way SUSI Adapter.
3 in stock

Massoth Motor Connection Cable

Motor Cable (2 pieces) 400mm
2 in stock

Massoth SUSI - LGB Onboard Cable

SUSI connector to LGB Onboard decoder cable 200mm
6 in stock

Massoth SUSI connector cable

4 wire SUSI connector cable 200mm
3 in stock

Massoth SUSI to SUSI Adaptor board

Standard SUSI connector to SUSI Adaptor board.
1 in stock

Massoth MiniCT Cable

2, 3 & 4 way connectors for Massoth eMotion decoders.
From €2.50
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