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MiniCT Cable

MiniCT cables for connection to Massoth eMotion and LGB on board decoders. Available in 2, 3 & 4 ways, with 150mm multi coloured cable.
From €1.60

Pin Contact Plug

Plugs that are suitable for connecting to LGB motor blocks, decoder terminals and such.
From €0.20

Uncoupler Adapter Board

Connect the Massoth Automatic Uncoupler to your decoder with ease.
From €7.50

DiMAX/MTS Booster Cable

Made to measure Booster cables suitable for MTS & Massoth DiMAX systems.

DiMAX/MTS Bus Cable

Made to measure bus cables suitable for MTS & Massoth DiMAX systems.

Massoth DiMAX Booster Cable

DiMAX Bus/Booster interconnect cable.
Temporary Out of Stock.

Massoth DiMAX Bus Cable

DiMAX Bus interconnect cable.
From €4.00

Massoth DiMAX Connector

For 1200Z, 1200B, 800Z & 1210Z
1 in stock

Massoth eMotion DCC Interface Cable (10-pole)

10way DCC connection cable
7 in stock
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